Endless doctor visits,

with countless blood tests.

Everyday needing to nap,

cause my body has to rest.

There seems to be no end,

to the pain I must endure.

Falling asleep with tears in my eyes,

hoping someday for a cure.

Bones that feel like they're crushing.

headaches every day.

Muscles that feel so weak,

will it ever go away?

Some days its an effort,

to just get out of bed.

Its hard to do simple things,

with the pounding in my head.

Then there's all those medications,

so I don't get worse.

But some have awful side-effects,

that intensify my curse!

Its like a vicious circle,

and I can't find my way out.

I'm stuck inside my Lupus,

screaming a silent shout!

And all those "mean-well" people,

who say, "But you look so good!"

Sometimes I want to say to them,

"I'd let you feel it if I could!"

Many people mistakenly think,

"If you look good, life must be fine."

But that simply isn't the truth,

just try for one day to live mine!

They think because I laugh and smile,

everything seems alright.

Now, if I always cried and screamed,

wouldn't they run away in fright?

Lupus isn't a disease,

that's always visible to the eyes.

What taking place to my body,

is mostly all inside.

So now I will finish this,

cause its hurting my hand to write.

And since I'm so damn tired again,

I will say, "Goodnight."

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