My Existence

Rhyming Poetry

I am but one person,

in the vastness of this earth.

Just one of the multitudes,

that was given its birth.

When I contemplate my existence,

I am just a single source.

Traveling through the time I have,

along my life's set course.

Contributing to society,

increasing it's numbers by four.

By the births of my children,

I think its what I am here for.

Maybe one will be a doctor,

and find a cure for all.

One might be a politician,

and be in the President's Hall.

One could become famous,

win an Oscar or Pulitzer Prize.

Still one might be a firefighter,

saving many lives.

My children are my legacy,

and now it all makes sense.

I was born to give them life,

for they, are my existence.

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