Everything Has Changed

It seems that things have changed,

and are now very mundane.

In a matter of a few hours one day,

life will never again be the same.

Issues I thought important before,

look minor now to me.

There's a difference to priorities,

and everyday things I see.

When I think of all the pain and horror,

a terrorist act has caused,

It makes me reconsider life,

it has made me stop and pause.

So many lost their loved ones,

in just the blink of an eye.

You have to ponder the enormity of it,

but for the Grace of God go I.

I knew no one personally,

from the tragedies of that day.

Still I realize that at any time,

it too could come my way.

So worrying over being late,

or who didn't finish their chores,

Don't hold the same intensity,

as they did before.

Harboring anger, hurt or jealousy,

towards loved ones who you are estranged,

Seem crucial now to repair,

for everything has changed.

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