Cowboy Poetry

In a Conastoga wagon,

they packed up all they owned.

And set out on the trail,

leaving behind their homes.

Dreaming of a new life,

an adventurous fresh start.

Saying goodbye to loved ones,

when the time came to depart.

Mighty teams of oxen,

pulled them along the trail.

They gave up so much for this,

even knowing that they could fail.

Traveling across the prarie,

at a pace set by their guide.

They were awed by what they saw,

and eyes were opened wide.

At Independance Rock,

people carved their names.

And took the time to read,

those before that did the same.

The trail wasn't always friendly,

they dealt with many strifes.

Accidents and illnesses,

took many of their lives.

Provisions often dwindled,

and weather took its toll.

But their strong determination,

kept them reaching for their goal.

When at last, they arrived,

at their final destination.

The people of the wagontrain,

forgot all their frustrations.

Their dream of moving westward,

had finally come true.

For though the trip was hard,

they held out and saw it through.

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