Somedays Its Like This, Somedays Its Like That

Rhyming Poetry

Peaceful and serene, all is turning out right.

Everything goes your way, the future looks so bright.

Mourning and sorrowful, drowning in loss and grief.

Nothing seems to take it away, you struggle with your belief.

Joyful and excited, walking on thin air.

Not a problem in the world, not one single care.

Painful and agonizing, every part of you in hurt.

Much too much to handle at one, into a numbness you revert.

Laughing and giddy, full of fun and mirth.

Moving along with a smile, no worries on your earth.

Alone and lonely, not a friend around.

No one there for your needs, your solitude profound.

In love and loved, with a heart that overfills.

Being with that special someone, gives that palpitating thrill.

Tearful and sad, all you can do is cry.

The only thing you seem to manage, is to wipe the drops from your eye.

Optimistic and hopeful, keeping an open mind.

Knowing that there's always a way, you only need to find.

Doubtful and pesimistic, your outlook seems so bleak.

You are sure that all will go wrong, you'll find nothing that you seek.

Strong and thriving, the power is in your hand.

You know what you have to do, when you need to take a stand.

Weak and beaten, nothing left in the way of strength.

So sure that you're defeated, your will has gone full-length.

Fearless and unafraid, quite the rebel upstart.

Nothing there that causes worry, nothing haunts your heart.

Frightened and scared, everything seems so eerie.

You are fearful of everyone, everything makes you leary.

Complete and whole, everything falls into place.

Living for each moment, with dignity and grace.

Tattered and torn, your soul is beaten down.

You can't rise from the wreckage, into depression you drown.

Sunshine and hope, filling your every thought.

Giving thanks for all you have, all that life has brought.

Darkness and dispair, covering you in gloom.

You can't see past the shadows, and from where they seem to loom.

Awake and alert, your victory ensured.

Nothing now can stand in your way, you won't be easily dettered.

Tired and weary, its a loosing war.

You've given all you had to give, you can give no more.

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