Life's A Struggle


Life's a struggle

and I am trying to endure.

But sometimes it seems so useless,

my future so unsure.

Maybe if there was hope,

just a bit of that 'brighter side.'

I'd look to it more often,

instead of running to hide.

Maybe if I saw that 'glimmer.'

Was willing to take 'that chance'

I wouldn't be so afraid anymore.

I'd take up that fighting stance.

Maybe if I had a way

to see that 'brighter tomorrow,'

I wouldn't waste one single tear

and drown in all my sorrow.

Maybe if my faith was sure.

My will a little stronger,

I wouldn't feel so beaten down

and want to fight no longer.

'Maybe' is just a foolish word

we toss around and juggle.

Because if things were that easy,

life wouldn't be such a struggle.

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