Somewhere West Of Here

Somewhere west of here-

prairies vast-golden,

dancing upon heated breeze,

that only seem to embolden.

Endless skies of baby blues,

that hold you mesmerized.

Vibrant sunsets engulf horizon,

in beauty undisguised.

Sultry, sandy deserts,

where only cacti grow.

Yet still, far off in distance-

mountains capped with snow.

Boarded up towns of time long past,

where Rangers rode and ruled.

Mining camps where many found riches,

while other's were only 'fooled'

Rutted trails that wagons followed,

in hopes of bettered lives.

Grounds packed down from thundering hooves,

in lenghty cattle drives.

Canyons deeply sculpted,

from many years of time.

Rivers now thinned-but rushed back then,

when all was in its prime.

All awaits my hungering eyes-

that I won't ever see it-is my fear,

but it remains in wait of me...

...somewhere west of here.

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