Until Then

Family & Memories


I wonder who you resemble,

I wonder who you would be.

Would you look like Daddy,

or would you look like me?

Someday I'll have the answer,

when in Heaven we do meet.

On that day I'll finally hold you,

and kiss your face so sweet.

Sometimes I feel so cheated,

like a part of me is gone.

But I know that you are an angel now,

and that your spirit lives on.

Often I get so angry,

then saddness settles in.

It never seems fair that you were taken,

before your life had a chance to begin.

Not a single day ever passes,

that I don't think of you someway.

I imagine having you in my arms,

it will happen for us someday.

So until then my precious child,

take these words from my heart.

I love you now, as I did then,

right from the very start.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of my precious baby in Heaven.

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