The One Constant In My Life


When times are very rough,
And I'm feeling all the strife.
I need only look, into my heart,
To The One Constant In My Life.


He is always at my side,
Even when I slip and fall.
He picks me up and carries me,
And sees me through it all.


Many times I've turned my back,
Too wrapped up in pain and sin.
But His arms are always open to me,
And He encompasses me within'.


He knows all of my dreams,
Knows all my deepest fears.
He takes His hand so gently,
And wipes away my tears.


The days I'm at my weakest,
When handling it is too hard.
He takes my pain as His own,
And places it inside His scars.


The wounds He bore at Calvary,
Were inflicted for me and you.
He is The One, Constant In My Life,
Never was there, a love more true.


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