Homemaker's Lament

Funny, Ha, Ha

Why do I clean the house,

just to have to do it again?

It doesn't make any sense,

this chore that never ends!

I sweep the floor,

and dust all the wood.

Well, they won't do it,

so I guess somebody should!

Pick up the shoes,

the toys and the clutter.

While under my breath,

oh, the foul things that I mutter!

Why make the bed,

when you'll mess it that night?

Throw all the junk in the closet,

hey...at least its out of sight!

Cleaning the bathroom,

well, that's my most hated chore.

Cause with all the males round here,

they've missed the bowl for sure!

Oh well, what can I do?

Guess I have to clean my home.

Before the Board of Health,

declares it a DANGER ZONE!!

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