Temporary Insanity

Funny, Ha, Ha

My doctor told me the other day,

"Children can cause a calamity!

Therefor until they all reach 18,

I diagnose you with temporary insanity!"

He said the prognosis is good,

and this he reassured.

"When they all grow and leave home,

you will be fully cured!"

Unfortunatly there is no treatment,

or a pill he can perscribe.

He said all I can do now,

is find a good place to hide!

I asked if there was a 12 step program,

meetings that I could attend.

But he just shook his head and laughed,saying,  

"No, and there's no self-help book I could lend."

"Scientists, he said,

"Have been studying this for years.

Its only gotten them frustrated,

and breaking down in tears!"

"This seems to be an epidemic."

The doctor said with no restraint.

"You are the 463'rd  paitent this week,

who's had the same complaints!"

"How about something holistic, Doc?

I'm at the end of my rope!"

Again he shook his head,

and said, "You'll just have to cope!"

I asked about hypnosis.

But the doc, he only smirked.

He said, "Its been tried before.

It never seems to work."

I left the office so forlorn,

there was no help there for me.

So until my children grow up,

I'll have to suffer, temporary insanity!!!

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