Soap Opera Life

Jus 4 Fun

If I lived in a soap opera,

with hubby and all my children,

I'd let them kill me off

and come back as my long lost twin.

Cause then I'd have much more,

than just one life to live.

I'd be young and restless

with so much left to give.

But with my rotten luck,

I would again fall deathly ill.

Then the doctors would admit me once again,

into Port Charles', General Hospital.

It seems its just the way it is,

as the world turns about.

With passions, love and hate,

and so many characters going in and out.

But I'd keep on hunting,

in my search for tommorrow.

As the writers just keep giving me,

more heartache and sorrow.

Guess that's what they mean,

by the weary days of our lives.

Never any repeats,

just shoved into old archives.

But I'd be bold and beautiful

and live right on the edge of night.

My hair and makeup would always be perfect,

my wardrobe outta sight!

I would be kind and loving

and live on a sunset beach.

But just like poor ol' Erica,

that Emmy would be out of reach!

Ahhhh, but that's another world,

I wouldn't fit in right.

So I shall remain here,

with reality as my guiding light.

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