Horror Story!

Funny, Ha, Ha

I woke up sleeping,

under my bed!

It must have been,

that article I'd read!

It really unsettled me,

gave me a quite a fright!

I stayed awake in fear,

nearly half the night!

It was only 2 pages long,

in my new magazine.

But it was so very scary

and very, VERY obscene!

It told such a tale,

that was so brutal and gory.

The worst I'd read,

of any horror story!

I really should know better,

than to read such stuff like that.

I usually pass right over

that kind of written format.

I guess I was too curious

to see what it contained.

Next time I'll be,

much more self-restrained!

But let me tell you,

before you too, get hurt!

NEVER read an article,

written by Martha Stewart!!!

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