Oh, Santa?!


Oh, Santa, I've been good this year,

done all that I could do.

So if it is no bother,

here's my list to you.

I'd like a house in the country,

with a garden out in back.

Just leave me the directions to it,

cause it won't fit in your sack!

I also want a car,

a black and silver Mustang will do.

And if your in the giving mood,

I'd like a REAL horsie too!

The next thing on my list,

is a year long cruise.

And since I'll be gone so long,

a new wardrobe complete with shoes!

In my stocking could you put,

a winning lottery ticket?

At least a million dollars or two,

heck, I'll even let you pick it!

Now, under the tree on Christmas morning,

I'd be ever so happy if I saw,

Sitting there with a big, red bow,

my favorite singer, Tim McGraw!

And while I'm writing this down,

please don't forget my boat.

Or the big screen television,

and a brand new leather coat!

Now that I think of it,

I'd also like a built in pool.

Just put it in the yard of my new house,

so in the summer I can be cool.

Well, Santa, you have my list,

but there's just one thing I need to add....

You better bring me what I want,

cause you don't want to make a woman mad!!

Thank You Santa...Love, Cathy

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