Middle Class Act

Funny, Ha, Ha

Such perfect wording

for us stuck between

the lower and upper

of the 'classes machine'.

Not quite poor

but not quite rich

pressed in the center

in that 'comfortable' niche.

But its more like crushed

with no way up that 'ladder'

and then those upper win lotteries!

How that makes me madder!

Its not fair when you struggle

from week to week

making short ends meet together

just getting by with a squeak.

Tho I guess its better

than being a rich snob

living in their circles

where you have to 'hobnob'.

With their uppity noses

stuck high in the air

they think since they have money

they have not a care.

At least our taxes

are never in query.

No cheatin with numbers

we've no reason to be leary.

And I guess were better off

than those stuck below-

still, being the 'middle child'

you've no room to grow!

So here we sit comfy-

that 'middle class' of the classes

and all those phoney 'uppers'

can kiss our 'almost' poor asses!!!

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