I Have The Foggiest Notion!


My poor mind

seems so muddled

can't think clear,

I'm so befuddled!

Fuzzy head

my memory is shot...

what was I saying?

It seems I've forgot!

Oh yes, my mind

that's so lately devoid

of simple thought-

how it has me annoyed!

Where did I put this?

What have I done with that?

Can't find anything

no idea where they are at!

Words come out wrong

bass-ackwards spelled!

Lately I'm not

very together held!

Appointments Forget em!!!

Because I sure do!

I need me a date book-

probably two!

Cause for sure I'd misplace it,

somewhere nearby.

I'd swear I had seen it

from the corner of my eye!

But nothing is is ever there,

where I was sure it was placed.

I search until frustration

has me so red-faced!

I'd pay very good money

for a memory potion,

because its seems that lately,

I HAVE the foggiest notion!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This refers to my Lupus/Fibro brain fog...a VERY annoying symptom! lol

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