Existing In Nonexistance

Soul Poetry

I dwell in a state

of continuance.

Merely enduring

my time here in essence.

Awaiting the place beyond

this reality.

This life is fictional

and I only play

the part I was cast in.

A fabled actuality,

where I move from

scene to scene,

in monochromatic backdrops.

Same monotonous routine

carries me through each act.

Trudges me through each day.

A montage of factual imitation.

A permenance of lonliness

and isolation,

in which I struggle, toil

and force my way along,

till each curtain call.

My pretense is a smile.

Laughter; my props.

Simply a facade.

The impression

I wish to portray

to the captive audiance.

Oh, the hipocracy of self

I fabricate in make-believe joy.

When in all actuality...

I'm only existing,

in nonexistance.

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