I AM...

Soul Poetry

I am the woman who loves life,

yet who's life is marred by Lupus

and possibly shall be shortened by Lupus.

I am the woman who would die this very second

for my children or my grand daughter,

with no thought of my own life.

I am the woman who has loved the same man

since I met him, 22 years ago

and has built a life with him for our 20 years of marriage.

I am the woman, who at age 36,

has been hurt more times

than there are days in my life.

I am the woman, who has been used

by so-called friends and yes, even family,

then tossed aside, discarded like yesterdays newspaper.

I am the woman who has given of myself,

so much and so many times

to these very same people, turning the other cheek.

I am the woman who cries at the bird on the lawn that has fallen

to its death and the huge turtle, which must have been over

100 years old, that was crushed on the road the other day.

I am the woman who lives in physical pain,

every single day, for over 15 years now.

I know not what life was like before it anymore.

I am the woman who strives to help others in any way I can.

Through my Lupus support, my poetry, my heart and my time,

without looking to get back in return.

I am the woman God made me,

faithful, honest, sincere and caring.

NOT the woman others have tried to make me.

I am ME...Catherine Marie Cavalcante Faist.

The person I am is all I have to offer.

And that is who I shall die as.

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