I Was A Child Once

Family & Memories

For the briefest span of a lifetime,

I was a child once.

Running carefree, arm and legs akimbo,

head titled towards the sky.

Singing silly, nonsensical songs, in high pitched little voice,

without a worry who heard me.

Picking little bunches of weed-like flowers,

as through they were a delicate bouquet.

I'd laugh with glee at the slightest things,

in a childlike mirth.

Skipping with delight, coins jingling in my pocket,

as the ice cream man came nearer.

Marveling at lightning bugs, catching them in my hand,

gently cupping it closed and peeking in.

I'd build tents out of my covers, tucked into dresser drawers and under chair legs,

lost in the fantasy land of pretend.

Dancing with kittens in my arms, held close to my face,

to feel their soft fur brush my cheek.

Yeah, when I was a child once, I did these things...

...sometimes, I still do.

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