The Poet's Mind

The poet's mind...

a chasm overfilled

where words become water, ideas, bread

food for thought

such a literary hunger

starving for sustenance

on tidbits of inception.

A yearning, urging desire

to put forth meaning

spelling out in their perspective

an understanding of what flows

in the poet's mind.

In the poet's mind

dreams are real

visions are creation

contrived of images, scenes, scenarios

which originate deep.

Mundane everyday things

become brilliant imagery

brought to life in vibrant, vivid color.

A story to be told in all that surrounds

all that is experienced

all that is felt

in the poet's mind.

In the poet's mind

emotions are given breath

through whispers from the soul.

Tear stained pages

of personal turmoil fill volumes

and speak the same.

Heartache and passion intertwine

broken and healed all in same verse.

Silent utterances cry out to be heard

through eyes of others

in the poet's mind.

In the poet's mind

fantasy and reality are one in the same

confused by onslaughts of overwrought reflections.

With pensive pen

life is thrust forth like blade into vein

amidst screams of punctuation

emphasizing pain

highlighting sorrow.

There's no rest

in the poet's mind.

In the poet's mind

they devise while sleeping prone

in silent reverie

every moment becoming contemplation

every flash of illusion becoming conception.

They must write

they must compose.

To staunch what runs so fluidly in their blood

would surely destroy...

the poet's mind.

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