Attacked by my own body;

treasonous turncoat.

Dictates my life's course

with mutiny.

Imprisons me in this war

it wages.

Dark, dank cell of misery.

Windows barred in my cage of hell.

Claw marks scar my inner walls,

from attempts at escape.

Punishment for such acts, swift,

as I endure more pummeling.

My Judas betrays me,

with a kiss of death,

that hovers in wait,

denying me my right to life.

My Benedict Arnold betrays me,

like a sneak in the night.

A faceless coward.

Et tu brutal friend?

Where we should be aligned,

as one,

I stand alone,

segregated from my own self.

An enemy now.

My self-enemy.

I battle alone,


against its forward charge.

My forces dwindled to one.

One who is too weak to fight on

in such a fruitless cause.

My only recourse...

surrender in defeat.

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