One Place


There's something that resides there-

in the midst of her being

restlessly clawing from the inside

leaving her scarred and weeping

It feeds off her strengths

rendering her weak

Prowls through her state of sleep

invading her dreams

until they become her nightmares

Lingers in her days

controlling her movements

Invades her thoughts

planting fear and doubt

which take seed and grow

with each passing hour


She owns but one part of herself now

one solitary place in which she hides

blocked and barricaded

guarded and protected

Her haven from the horrors that stalk her

-The im-penetrateable wall of her heart-

The only place it hasn't laid claim

because she keeps it locked...tight

In there-

her dreams flow freely

doubt and fear

replaced by hope and love

In there-

she flourishes

basking in happiness

In there-

she is healthy and strong

immune to the conditions

which plague her existence

She knows it lurks just outside-

just beyond the wall

searching for a weak place

in which to gain access

She knows it's controlling nature

she knows its determined to have all of her

She fears one day it will succeed

and her ruination shall be complete

So she builds up her walls of courage

in the stronghold of her heart

Her one place of refuge-

Her stability-

Her sanctuary ...away  ...from the cruel hands of fate.

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