Upon hearing a call,

they are quick to respond.

Hurrying to the station,

where all their gear is donned.

Onto the engines they race,

with blaring sirens and lights.

No matter the darkness or hour,

they answer calls day and night.

Fearlessly they battle,

through the smoke and fire.

Rushing straight on in,

for critical moments are dire.

Searching blindly around,

amidst hot, flickering flames.

They are driven out of dedication

and not for any acclaim.

Quenching fires in buildings,

forest, factory or house,

with the force of water from hoses,

till destruction is finally doused.

Whether they are volunteers,

or working for a pay,

its done from a 'calling'

each and every day.

So no matter man or woman,

status, title or ranks,

every firefighter deserves,

our support, our praise, our thanks!


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