Thought For The Day


I thought for the day

about my troubles,

you know,

all these health problems

from my disease, Lupus,

well, I thought that

maybe someday

there WOULD be a cure,

that my suffering

COULD end.

I thought,

'Hey, maybe I'll have a remission

for awhile,

a break from it

for a few months,

even a year!'

I thought,

'Ya know, hell,

I'll even take one damn day.

Just one single,

solitary day.

Just one damn day off

from Lupus,

with not a single,

solitary pain,

not a twinge,

not an ache,


Nothing but a plain old,

normal day!'

I thought,

'Even just one lousy hour

of painlessness, just enough

to let me rest easy for awhile!

Not much to ask for,

one hour...60 minutes,

60 lousy minutes!'

I thought

that maybe,

just maybe,

I could at least have

that much!

Then, another sharp pain

jolted through me,

making me startle,

knocking me right out

of my stupid


Guess I 'THOUGHT' wrong.

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