Pickled Pete

Funny, Ha, Ha

Old Pete like his spirits

had his daily nip,

but one day he had a bit too much

and took a little trip.

While staggering out the saloon,

trying to head for home,

Old Pete took a wrong turn

into the General Store he did roam.

He knocked into some boxes,

spilled a basket of fresh produce

and fell headfirst, *** over elbows

into a barrel of pickle juice.

Well...Old Pete didn't make it,

the poor old guy had drowned.

Pete was pretty much pickled

by the time that he was found.

Now, maybe, he could have made it,

his accident been prevented,

but Pete was probably pickled already

and now he was fermented!

Pete was pickled so through and through,

is how the story goes,

that everytime someone passed his grave,

they had to hold their nose.

The epitaph on his headstone was...

"Pete sure liked his whiskey, Pete sure liked his wine,

Pete sure liked his beer a lot,

sure hope Pete liked his brine!"

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