The Masterpiece

Upon a stark, blank canvas

the artist begins-

brush grasped between

nimble fingerstips

that know the journey well.

Fluid strokes of his chosen hues,

applied with gifted eyes,

clouded from a vision

of what he alone percieves

in his 'sight',

become transformed

to the grainy cloth.

Ideas and thoughts crowd together

in his mind

and tumble outward.

His hand briskly fights

to keep up with their pace.

Contours and lines,

shadows and depth,

muse and inspiration,

all brought forward

by his genius.

Knowing not where they stem from

he only knows he must paint

must create,

must finish.

Artistic beauty lies before him.

Tis his greatest masterpiece yet.

He titles it, 'Self Portrait'

and signs it...


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