The Lovers...



A cooling breeze was blowing,
the gentle air around.
As two people sat together,
there upon the ground.


He pulled her to his chest,
into his warm embrace.
His fingers slowly stroking,
the contours of her face.


She ran her fingers through his hair,
and melted at his touch.
The breathing became heavier,
their passion just too much.


The moan escaped her throat,
as he bent down to her lips.
She felt his hands moving now,
down upon her hips.


Then as they lay back,
and settled in the sand,
they touched and they discovered,
with tender warming hands.


He was very gentle
and she moaned a little sigh,
as slowly he trailed his fingers,
up along her thigh.


She knew the place he seeked,
and what it was he sought.
He found it at that moment,
and all her will was wrought.


When they finally came together,
it felt so very right.
They continued their loving, wildly,
all throughout the night!



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