Hello...My Name Is Lupus




I'd like to introduce myself
for those that may not know.
I'll tell you all about me
and the terror I bestow.

I have a sinister duty
to invade your body is my task.
Sometimes the only way others see me
is by my wolf-like mask.


Into your blood I'm seeping
navigating my way through your veins.
Do you feel me in your bones?
It is I that gives you your pains!


I travel through your system
carefully planning my attacks.
I look for any weak spots
and slip right through the cracks.


You think I go to sleep sometimes.
A 'remission' I've heard you say.
But I am only building up strength
I'll never actually go away!


No one has been able to tame me.
A cure they cannot invent.
So I just have my run of you,
your destruction is my intent!


You think that you can beat me
by swallowing that little pill?
I chew them up and spit them out
making you all the more ill!


Into your organs and muscles
is my next destination.
I take such joy in tormenting you
and adding to your frustration!


At any time, if I choose,
I can level a fatal blow.
I just choose your heart, your brain or lungs
and into one, I'll go!


Then, I'll totally own you,
body, mind and soul.
Of you, my helpless victim,
I have complete control!

So now you know who I am
and I can sense your fears.
But I have no sympathy at all for you,
so wipe away your pitiful tears!



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