Are You with me?

Have You left me?

Did You forget about me?

Your child?

You promised!

I believed!

I pleaded!

I prayed!

I cried!

I hurt!

Am I being tested?

For how long?

How much suffering?

When will I pass?

Am I losing my faith?

Can you hear me?

I am silent...

but screaming your name inside!


Why do I feel alone?

Why can't I sense you?

Why can't I feel your power?

Am I forsaken?

My heart bleeds tears.

My soul feels battered.

My life seems confused.

My spirit is weakened.

Please Lord!

Answer me!

Show me!

Heal me!


no answer...

no sign.

But I know...

my time is not Your time.

And so I'll wait.

Just a bit longer.

I'll be patient

and I'll wait.

I'll wait...

I'll wait.............

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