Little Round Top



A fierce July sun
beats down upon
the rocky area
of Gettysburg, same
as it did many years ago.


Lost in the past,
I stand where
the battle was fought.


I hear the echos
of long ago ghosts
that seem to remain
among the trees and rocks.


I see, in my minds eye,
Joshua Chamberlain,
as he led the 20'th Maine
to their victory
through the boulder strewn
mountainside known as
Little Round Top.


I can almost hear
Chamberlain's fearless shout,
as the battle raged on
and amunition dwindled.

'Fix bayonets! Charge!'

I can see the remnants
of the 20'th Maine
as they roared down the hill
with only their bayonets for arms.


I see the shocked faces
of the Alabama line
as they see the river of blue
bearing down upon them
like a crashing wave.


In the middle of the melee,
tired and beaten,
they turn and flee.
Little Roundtop is won,
the high ground retained
by the North.


It was a battle of bravery,
known as a determining factor
in the North's victory
at Gettysburg.


I'm suddenly brought back
to the present
as the images and sounds fade.


Around me,
monuments to the heros
of that day,
July 2'nd 1863,
stand as proud reminders.


They, and the ghosts
that linger still
on Little Round Top.


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