Never Alone

In this world,

of broken dreams.

Where all is never,

as it seems.

I look for peace

and love thats true...

Never realizing,

I had it with you.

I search for miles,

going the wrong way.

I look in the darkness,

for a brighter day.

I reach for a friend,

who's never there.

And bare my soul...

just to share.

In my journey,

of inner strength..

It seems I'll go,

to any length.

I wander around,

as if in a daze...

I think I can see you...

Through the haze...

And then in the silence,

I hear your voice...

"I'm always with you my CHILD,

You have no choice."

"See you chose me once,

and thats all it takes....

I will NEVER leave you....

alone in the wake......"

"So take MY hand...

and walk with ME...

We'll get through THIS life first...


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