Doctor Recommended (Sequel to 'Slave To My Medication')


While filling my 'daily reminder' box,

I was suddenly hit by a revelation.

'I am a legal drug addict

from all the pills in my circulation!'

The thought just popped in my head

and I had to laugh and smirk.

My family thought that I'd 'lost it'

that I'd completely gone berserk!

But it struck me really quite funny,

that I would never go to jail.

That if an officer were to question me,

I'd say, 'But I buy my drugs RETAIL!

My doctors said I could have em, sir,

that they'd be really helpful to me.

So officer, I can never be arrested!'

(is how I'd cop my plea!)

Now, I would never sell em,

for I need them to survive.

They are what fight my diseases

and helps me stay alive!

I now take 14 pills a day.

Guess that's my lucky number.

I have pills to stop the pains

and ones to help me slumber.

There's one to thin my blood

and one for inflammation.

I can tell you exactly what each one does,

ya see, I'm a fountain of drug information!

At any given time,

the numbers could increase.

Doctors just keep prescribing me more

to make sure that I don't decease!

So, my doctors may not realize,

as they write out a new prescription...

That by giving me all those helpful pills,

they've caused my 'legal addiction!'

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