Slave To My Medication


Slave To My Medication!


Yet another person,

with a medical degree,

writes out a prescription,

and hands it over to me.

I add it my growing pile,

head to the local drugstore.

Where the man that fills em says,

"I see your back for more."

As if I had a choice,

decided on this frustration.

I wear the chains of a disease,

I'm a slave to my medication.

It gets so very confusing!

"Do not crush or break."

Sorting them in to daily reminders,

so I won't make a fatal mistake!

"Only take with water." it reads,

as I pour Diet Pepsi into a glass.

"Do not operate heavy machinery,"

should be tattooed on my ass!

"May cause drowsiness or dizziness."

"May impair your ability to drive."

"Alcohol may intensify the effect."

Ain't I lucky to be alive?

"Take one tablet by mouth."

Gee, but I wanted to put it in my ear!

Good thing for those safety labels,

or I'd be downing my meds with beer!

There's so many that I have,

and in such pretty colors too!

But is it safe for me to take,

a pink one with a blue?

Maybe my surly attitude,

is just yet another side effect.

But I am sure that there must be,

a pill to help it correct!

I guess its time for me to take,

that pill for relaxation.

It always seems to be the answer,

for I'm a slave to my medication!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Gotta have a sense of humor..or disease will kill ya! :) lol

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