This War Ravages On


A low and sorrowful

battle cry emits

pitifully from my mouth

as I engage again,

this assailing enemy.

Fistfull of amunition,

tablets, capsules,

(my troops)

propelled down my throat

with angering force

flushed with unholy water

past lips uttering


at this unprovoked attack.

Toxins seep through

bloodied venous trails

filling this zone

with chemical warfare

designed to fight

the invisible enemy

in this lifelong campaign.

War ravages on

in country

where disease reigns mighty

under its dictatorship.

The weak are left scarred

and wounded

where jagged pieces

of shrapnel imbed.

Hard to see victory ahead

when bomb blasts of artillery

hinder your sight,

demolish your hope,

drain your will to

fight the good fight.

No cease fire, no surrender,

no end to violent combat.

One shall be defeated

one shall be victorious.

Unless compromissing peace

can be found between

opposing forces,

this war ravages on.

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