For Gram.........

Grief & Grieving

No one should have to suffer,

in this fear and pain.

It should be a peaceful passing.

She will be Heaven's gain!

She looks so frail and tiny,

and oh, she looks so scared.

I pray that it be over soon,

and that she knows I cared.

Never again will I see her,

when she's left this place.

But no longer will I have to see,

the pleading in her face.

Gram, my heart is breaking,

knowing you will leave.

But I hurt more for your suffering,

You'll be better in Heaven, I believe.

I'll keep with me the memories.

They will always make me smile.

But Gram, you must be going soon,

To walk that final mile.

There will be an empty space,

where in my heart you did dwell.

But it will fill up with the joy,

of knowing now you're well.

For your pain will be forgotten,

when your time does come.

You'll feel only peacefulness,

as to HIS arms you run!

And so now I must say "Goodbye",

But please remember this,

Grandma, I'll love you forever,

and you I'll always miss!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Gram went to peace in June 2001

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