Redneck Wedding Announcement

Funny, Ha, Ha

Billy Bob's third cousin, Mae,

twice removed and once replaced,

got married to her brother's, cousin's cousin

who owns the local tackle and huntin' place.

They had the execution...uhhh..ceremony,

down at Bubba's Family Bar,

that way all the drunken guests

wouldn't have to go too far.

It really was kinda purty,

(tho the joint was smoky and smelly)

the purple gown the bride wore

did nice to hide her 6 month belly.

The groom was a little shaky,

staring at the shotgun in lots of fear.

It was hard to smell the flowers tho,

over the scent of all the beer.

They had quite an evening.

Oh, the way they all celebrated!

It was like a family reunion,

since everyone was related!

Only 4 major fights broke out,

cops only hadda drag 8 of the guests away.

The worst and bloodiest battle,

was the ruckus for the tossed bouquet!

When the happy couple made their escape,

as they were pelted with lotsa rice,

the bride's daddy drunkenly yelled to the groom,

'Now dontcha be gettin' her knocked up twice!'

As off they went on their honeymoon,

to a trailer park resort,

the groom looked at his bride and asked,

'Do I still hav'ta pay the child support?'


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