The Women In Their Lives


When you love a Soldier,

Its done with a sturdy heart.

For when you love a Soldier,

You must love them while far apart.

They say that distance, grows us stronger,

And while that may be true.

It doesn't help the utter fear,

That lives so deeply in you.

We write them letters of encouragement,

And tell them they make us so proud.

But each and every one of us,

Would rather say it in person and outloud.

Yet, we remain steadfast and tough,

As we support them through and through.

We keep the homefires brightly alit,

While they do, what they sworn to do.

The tears they fall, any given time,

With just a memory, a picture, a song.

We deal with each moment, the best we can,

As we too learn, to be ARMY Strong.

There's so many emotional times,

We feel we'll just fall apart.

And yet, I think, God gave us all,

The strongest of enduring hearts.

For it takes a special, loving person,

These women in their lives.

They hold their Soldier, closer than anyone,

Whether their Mothers, girlfriends or wives.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all Military Moms, wives and girlfriends...

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