Soul Poetry

I need you...

This anguish I'm feeling

is all too powerful,

all too consuming.

Please, don't turn me away.

I know you don't like to deal with

such things,

but I'm reaching,

reaching out that hand

you took in sickness

as well as health.

I'm scared...

I can't keep doing this alone.

Its too much on one soul.

Too much on one spirit

and the weight of it

is pulling me under.

I'm reaching...

Reaching towards you-

please, pull me out,

before the tides take me

away from here.

Help me...

Help me to deal

with these fears,

this pain,

this unknown.

I'm reaching out to you,

my love,

open-hearted and wounded,

I reach across, seeking

solace and comfort.

I need you...

I'm scared...

I'm reaching...

Help me...


reach out to me, too.

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