Brave Doesn't Say Enough!!!



Our U.S. Soldiers protect me and you.
They fight for freedom, and the RED,WHITE, and BLUE.


None more braver in all the land.
Straight in danger's face, they strongly stand.


They battle through day, long into the night.
When duty calls, they fight the good fight.


Since the start of this Nation, freedom came at a price-
In the lives of soldiers, who didn't think twice.


In tanks or ships, platoons or planes,
They've fought for others, under dictator reigns.


I'm proud of our troops and all they do!
If you don't support them, well shame on you!


If it weren't for them, you would have no voice!
Through their lives and blood, you've been given your choice!


Why do we have what we have and for why are we free?
Because they risk their lives, for you and for me!


We should stand proud in support, shoulder to shoulder!
For there is none braver, than an American Soldier!!


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