Such A Love As His


Such A Love As His


Upon a  wooden Cross, He hung,

He knew it was His predestination,

That He die for crimes, He did not commit,

To save us all, from sin's damnation.


Willingly, He stretched out His arms,

And took those nails, instead of you and me.

Wiping away, all of our falls from Grace,

As He died there, upon that rugged tree.


There's only one way, we can repay Him-

In giving Him, our own heart for redemption.

And in an instant of, His flawless Love,

He gives us each, His pure exemption.

For such a Love as His, is timeless,

And comes with no limit, nor any end.

Because no one has ever, loved me like,

My Lord Jesus...My Truest Friend.



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