No Home For Me



Home is not a place on Earth,

Nor where my heart may be-

For here now, in this trying time,

There is no home for me.


I've nothing to even call my own,

And no one, to call me theirs.

Life has shown me abundantly,

That no one actually, really cares.


The place I lay my head at night,

Is but merely a spot to rest,

While life continues to try my will,

And put me through another test.


I don't even have the desire now,

To fight these battles any more.

My body, mind and soul are weary,

And battered through to my very core.


Life has worn out it's welcome mat,

And telling me, to move on my way.

Why remain where you're so unloved,

And no one wants you to stay?


But when you have nowhere to go,

In this world that's gone awry,

You go to sleep almost every night,

And simply will die...