When He Speaks


When in those moments of such despair

and feeling lower than ever before,

When life has given you just too much,

and you don't think you can take any more...


When a heart feels like a deadened weight,

battered, broken and scarred,

When even taking the next needed breath,

seems just too overly hard...


When you think that you are nothing,

worthless and a burdon to all,

When you feel no one would even care,

were you to take that final fall...


When you wake up dreading each new day

and start praying it would be your last.

When you see nothing better in the future,

than what was present in your past...


When you think there's nothing more for you,

but then you hear a still, small voice...

Listen closely, for it is Jesus, you hear,

and in His Promise, you can always rejoice!



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