I want to scale the highest peak
upon the tallest mountain,
stand at the edge of the most ragged cliff
and scream,


Scream so loudly,
that even flighted eagles shall cringe,
covering their ears
with unfurled wings
at the unwelcome sound!

So loudly,
that the very earth rattles below my feet,
sending rocky debris to the sea below,
causing waves to crash
violently upon the shoreline,
eroding the pristine peace
and interrupting the sereneness of its solitude.

I want my voice heard!
Heard above the din of earth's cacophony,
above the noise of wind's roaring fury
and above the echo of my own

and wrenching sobs.


shall spew from my mouth
until I am parched and sore,
my throat constricted,
my eyes, bleeding tears of sorrow
and my mind

emptied of these burdens.

Burdens which have become too heavy
for these slumped and battered shoulders
to carry on much further.

Burdens I no longer wish to tow around-
all their deadness of weight

dragging me along,
and involuntarily through years
of unmapped and unknown journeys.

So I'll scream,

Loudly! Fiercely! Vehemently!
Even though I know,
that in this reality I am presented with,
this living hell of tormented afflictions,
no one will even hear my cries.

For instead,

my strength, my will and my hope
are reduced to that
of merely a whimpering
and weakened whisper...
...'Oh, the injustice.'
The utter, utter injustice.

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