my tonight, tonight


did i just let those flood gates open?

that wasn't mine to see

but how could not see

when it's there, staring just in frount of me?

and laughter

who created laughter?

the feeling in your belly there after

oh that is mine to keep

and the words we wishpered, bellowed, soft and deep

and i'm in regret

i have to admit i'm upset

though now i say it softly

didn't you ever want me?

when i once was my better self?

and now without warning

curning inside me it's storming

why is it when i look for a cure

i end up shaken, not stirred

and in the end i am asking

'what was allthis for?'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

randonly written with purpose and posted at 203 am 29th aug fri 08

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