a sigh

the new ones

i've been staring deeply into the wind

pretending my tears would crystaize into a tiny pendant for  you to hold around your milky neck

and i've bee n imanging you dancing on th etrrace in the mysterious moonlight your heart fully intune withe the crashing of the waves

can you hear it's music sweetly?

within myself can you find me beating just for you?

and i wanna laugh and dance and fall

in th ewonder of it all

i stand amazed and can't stop myself from pouring like a waterfall

oh and us running in our bare feet

on the softest twinkling coulds

these are my wings spreading

when i begin to live out loud

and we're wisping through cushony comfort

and soakingi nthe most refreshing air

filling our lungs so

-you seem to know

in this heaven what comes next

and slowly it starts rising within us

this song reachs to the brim of us

and flows, coloring everything

and my dreams are underwater

and this magic would exhibit

a rose touched with a fingertip

and pressed to our lips

the precious secret we both kissed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

randomly written and posted on the 31st of jan wed 07

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Marco De Jesus's picture

such a lovely sigh...

caught a glimpse from reading your poem :)