Dinner's over

I'm on the step

I really should be going home

You look at me

Your eyes


Begging me to stay

You wrap me in your arms

I melt in your warm embrace

You gently kiss my lips

My heart skips a beat

My mood softening

I can't resist

I follow you back inside

With my jacket on the floor

You continue to shower me

In your warm, sensuous kisses


All too soon it's over

You look at me again

Your eyes

So serious


I can tell

There's something you want to say

It's over

I can sense it in your eyes

My mood saddens

I think of all our happy times

The memory of our first kiss

I'm lost in a world of thoughts & memories

I hardly hear you speak

It's more of a whisper

'Will you marry me?'

It takes a moment to sink in

But then

Without hesitation

'Yes, I'd love to be your bride!'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this about 10 years ago! So it's probably not that great... But meh... So... Whatever...

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