Death of Innocence

Cold and bleeding on the floor,

She begs for mercy,

She cries "No more!",

Her clothes are torn,

Her body scarred,

To stop her tears is too hard,

One she loved,

And thought she knew,

Has turned against her,

Out of the blue,

In a room so dark she cannot see,

The door is barred,

So she cannot flee,

The man is cruel,

His whip is hard,

It cuts her body,

Leaving her scarred,

The beating sends her senses reeling,

Her eyes look upwards to the ceiling,

He hits her more,

She screams in pain,

Her screams are heard,

But it's all too late,

A flash of silver,

A six inch knife,

Cruelly ends the childs young life,

A hollow laugh,

He turns around,

And kicks her body to the ground,

Satisfaction glows in his eyes,

As before him, the young girl slowly dies,

Cold and bleeding on the floor,

No cries for help,

She is no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't ask about this one... lol

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