Booze, Pills, and Birds

A seagulll choking I 
pulled a paper from its mouth 
it was a poster for our 
new environmental club 
I coudln't find an iPhone app 
to save my dying spouse 
I binged it and came up 
with the best grief cons 
He told me to breathe 
I explained I do that everyday 
Agreeing he filled me up with pills 
So I made my facebook status "I'm okay" 
But that d*mn bird has been following  
me rubbing his wing span in my face 
I'll never envy his ability to fly 
I can always use a plane 
I know he sipped my morning coffee 
the one I spiked with rum 
(I'm saving the vodka spike for lunch) 
I know he looks at me in wonder 
As I blow out my God created lungs 
That ball of feathers cannot judge me I thought 
we were all created as one.   

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