A Cage With Open Doors

Autumn had stolen all the leaves 
all day I held you close to me 
nights you passed beneath her sheets 
as I lay awake with gritted teeth 
bandaging scars gently 
Silence held its forceful grip 
tightly pressing on my lips 
softly smothering my soul 
with the weight of harboring burning coals 
Child that I was, I loved you with all my heart 
but misery and I were never far apart 
Child that I was, I believed in all you said 
how I yearn for childhood now 
but my childhood is dead 
Wrapped around your finger 
you wore me like a prize 
You laughed as I would linger 
amused by the sadness in my eyes 
Each time I tried to become strong 
you melted me in the warmth of your arms 
how I so believed you'd change 
you stole too many of my days 
a bird forever locked away 
in a cage with doors made of shame 
bolted down with self made chains 
a lonely cell for the weak to stay 
until courage created a flame 
burning down that horrid place 
still the ashes brought no smile to my face 
years and years away, 
I am still that bird, locked inside your cage 

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