To My Forever Valentine

Valentine's day is a special day when lovers get together 
To celebrate the storms that they have weathered 
To look back on the good times that have passed 
and share a love that was meant to last 
I treasure the fact that you are mine 
and cherish that you're my valentine 
We will lay together and never be alone 
knowing that we will always have a hand to hold 
On this day I give you my heart 
so that you'll know we're never truly apart 
On this day I'll let you know 
I'll stick by your side through sleet and snow 
Though valentine's is just one day 
I want you to know I'll always stay 
By your side for better or for worse 
and I thought I'd say it best in a verse 
Say that when we're old as time 
you'll still be my valentine

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